Psychology and Philosophy

After I had my philosophical experience with Kierkegaard, the first real deep dive into philosophy, I would have to say, was with Slavoj Zizek. Before him, all Philosophy. to me was some thing that dead men did.  Honestly, Simone de Beauvoir was the only female Philosopher I even touched upon, And that was in undergraduate existentialism class (The reason why I took that class was because of my experience with Kierkegaard, and I wanted to know what the Academy had to say about him.) but she was dead also!

For some reason ever since high school I always figured myself to be a philosopher, I had never read any philosophy until I was probably 31 years old. When I would attempt to read philosophy I would get eye-rollingly bored. I remember the first philosophical philosophy class I took in junior college right out of high school was logic. I think I got like a B+ in the class, but it just seemed to me just so dry and basically not having anything to do with what I was interested or what I thought Philosophy was at the time. So I was totally turned off by it, even as I went into life thinking that I was a philosopher. I always thought about things deeply, I always doubted what I came across, I was always astounded and intrigued when life would show up in mysterious ways.

So here I am, I think I was about 39 years old when I was in a Borders bookstore. And when I go in a bookstore pretty much I just go right to the Philosophy section. And it’s usually in some back corner of the store and it’s like one shelf section, right? Lol. And, other than that maybe I’ll drop by the science fiction or fantasy area if I happen to have recently come upon maybe some fantasy science fiction book that I might be interested in reading or have heard about. Maybe I’d go by the nonfiction area and see if there was some cool weird science physics kind of quantum shit maybe I don’t know. 🙃

So I was at Borders bookstore. And I go to the Philosophy. section and I’m looking through Philosophy. and it really the only book that caught my attention at all what is this book on the bottom shelf. I think it was in the middle of the bottom shelf. And It had a brown spine. And I kind of lean down and tilted my head and it said “the parallax view”. And the author was this funky name guy. And I’ve never heard of him. This kind of stood out to me because the rest of the shelf was like filled with your typical big-name philosophers, who I wasn’t really interested in because I knew May be a tiny bit about them but it was nothing that really caught my attention. And then we’d have the philosophy books like “the philosophy of Star Wars”, or “the philosophy of the matrix”, “philosophy and happiness”. Stuff like that, which, I have picked those up before And paged through them and they just seemed to me quite not Philosophy. in the sense that I thought Philosophy. was or is.

Anyways… That’s enough for part one. c






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