I think I asked this before in a previous post. But it comes up again. So I’m gonna ask it again.

What is the difference between Philosophy. and critical thinking?

Is there a way to think philosophically about something that is not critical thinking?

And can we think critically about something without thinking philosophically?






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  1. landzek Avatar

    Omg. Fkg auto correct!!


    1. microglyphics Avatar

      Haha. I was presuming it to be a botched speech to text catastrophe.


  2. microglyphics Avatar

    I’ll posit that critical thinking is a tool and philosophy is a framework. Both have methods. Some of these methods are shared in common.

    In my profession, I can think critically about an economic solution without regard to philosophy. Though everything exists within some domain architected on some metanarrative. I can take that as a given and move on.

    I’m not sure what philosophy would be without critical thinking. I guess it would just be rambling, but then we just get to a place asking what makes art ‘art’. Duchamp may have had a thing or to to illustrate in this arena.


    1. landzek Avatar

      … I like your distinction between Philosophy. and critical thinking. And it’s funny to say that philosophy without critical thinking would just be rambling.

      I see critical thinking as reduction airy. Whereas Philosophy. does not have to reduce, or, Philosophy. can adduce, Create, discover truths. Critical thinking I think it’s called Lane in Webb philosophy by the minute and she did construction. That is, all I have to do is ask what do you mean, and then suddenly I’m doing philosophy. All I have to do is be able to die sect definitions into other definitions or critiques of those definitions and I’m doing philosophy. I would disagree. I think Philosophy. is so closely associated with critical thinking that many people who consider themselves philosophers are merely an acting a method of critical thinking.

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