Cognitive Science of Philosophy Symposium: Corpus Analysis


Welcome to the Brains Blog’s new Symposium series on the Cognitive Science of Philosophy! The aim of the series is to examine the use of methods from…

Cognitive Science of Philosophy Symposium: Corpus Analysis

—/- Interesting. Just as I introduce philosophical anthropology, here is a post that is looking at the “bodies” of language philosophically. I feel like this must have arisen due to the non-philosophical idea that philosophy itself can be a subject of critique, and the incredible resistance to that philosophy can be addressed in that way.

For sure I like the angle of approach in this linked post,  because it shows that people are at least considering the possibility that Philosophy can be critiqued as Philosophy. itself. Granted that they are taking “corpus” of various linguistic bodies that are philosophical and addressing them in a very cognitive manner, digitalized algorithmic manner.

But it is interesting and ironic that philosophical anthropology should arise at this juncture that someone makes an initial post on a topic very similar to what I’m talking about.

I feel yet that a philosophical anthropology which considers bodies to be more inclusive of all kinda of bodies. But as well, cognitive approaches to bodies, for me, begs the question of the approach. But at least it shows that someone is doing something which opens up space. 

To me this appears as a area of linguistics, that they apply two different bodies together and see what comes out. Totally cool. And despite the use of the word philosophical, I’m not sure it really gains for what I am considering “philosophical anthropology”. It is not really anthropology by its own admitting. It seems to be more specifically philosophical in its approach. 






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