Hierarchical and contiguous ideals of mental health

It is extremely routine and regular, common sense even, there is a hierarchy of structure when it comes to mental health.

I am challenging that notion.

I prefer the object oriented type of relation of contiguity. Indeed there are structures by which we can know of a mental health situation, but it doesn’t mean that everything needs to be treated as though the cause is always physical, that is, that while we talk about social components, systemic Components, even psychological aspects, everything must reduce to a physical or biological cause.

I reject that reductionism.

This does not mean that I reject that there is indeed a biological component to mental health. Indeed, one thing I think that the hierarchical medical model does not contend with well, Does not offer us any options at all, is that indeed there are some mental health issues, say, such as brain injury, schizophrenia or bipolar perhaps, which indeed do you have significant physical biological components, but as well, some mental health issues have a primary cause in the social sphere, or only the psychological sphere, such that the biological component becomes secondary, and not always foundational.

Mine is thus a philosophical concession. Because the medical model, as I argue in my recently published paper, the medical model has no philosophy on reality. It is generally philosophically unsubstantiated and indeed generally treats philosophy as a second or even third order way into knowledge.

So, I am actually considering the full wealth of knowledge that is available to our thinking minds here and understanding with that open mind that the medical model is biased in its presentation and I feel as well often contributing more to the problem of mental disease or unease then it is helping it.

We As mental health practitioners, but our clients as wellneed to be able to work together, as he is so fashionable, with equity for what knowledge actually is, as opposed to constantly having to live under the shadow of the medical model and refer all intelligence to a fundamental biological cause that medical science will one day discover.

Is hierarchical model of mental health is a disservice in our moment.






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