I ponder if In times of uncertainty, people do not want art forms of improvisation that are not already planned out in advance. People want perfection. People want regularity. People want surety. When people live in constant fear and anxiety, they don’t want, for example, Music when people live in constant fear and anxiety, they don’t want, for example, to listen to music that they won’t know exactly how it goes.

They don’t want sloppiness. They don’t want mistakes.

Sure, we could say this happens all the time in popular media and popular music. And I would bet just digital life demands perfection, because we can, but because the digital revolution allows everyone to see, or at least think that they see, so perfectly into the world and everyone else’s life.

I wonder why people are not more willing to let loose. To appreciate music that has minimal structure. Art forms that don’t already have a conclusion programmed into it.

I don’t know, I was just listening to some a cappella competition thing that just happened. And those singers are fucking good. They are so precise. And Innoway it was amazing and astounding, while at the same time kind of offending me.

So of course, my mind starts getting all philosophical. 







3 responses to “Surety”

  1. Anthony Garner Avatar

    Are not all times uncertain? I never remember certainty in my life. Perhaps I did not look hard enough.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      I used to thrive on uncertainty. Now I’m just certain I don’t really care. 😆

      Maybe it’s because people care too
      Much about stupid stuff. Lol.


      1. Anthony Garner Avatar

        I don’t care about anything much except quiet survival in a grim and apparently meaningless world.


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