Vaccine, then what?

OK. So we’ve all been waiting for this miracle vaccine. We’re all super wanting to just get back to our regular normal lives, whatever that is.

So now that we’re all getting vaccines, or at least maybe a third of us. Now what?

Do we suddenly just throw our masks away and we’re all good?

Do we then just find out whether or not the vaccine actually is working by going around without our masks and then just seeing how the next few months go? 


I live in a pretty open area of the suburbs. And I don’t ever have to encounter another person outside of work if I don’t want to. It is very easy to stay 20, 30, 50 feet away from any other person all day long. And it doesn’t bother me a single bit.

Strangely enough, we’ve been doing this mask thing for so long, and I work at a hospital so I’ve been wearing PPE forever now. But it’s funny to me that I still forget to put on my mask. And I still get irritated when I have to remember to put it on. And, I still think people are idiots when they yell at me from 50 feet away that I not wearing a mask while I’m walking my dog.

Shame and guilt.

And I think to myself while I’m smiling at them thinking “you’re an idiot”.

I love individuals, but I seriously hate people.

I care about persons. 

I can’t help but wonder what these people think that the virus is doing to them potentially from 50 feet away. I feel very sorry and sad for people Sometimes. At times it can even be overwhelming. 


I can’t wait until they tell us that we don’t have to wear masks anymore. Then we’re gonna have a whole Nother wave of people that think that is a conspiracy. And when you walk into a store without wearing your mask everyone’s gonna be thinking all weird, and going to be looking at you strange.


I wonder if when they tell us finally that we can not wear our masks, if people are going to trip out even more.






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