Divided Times: Something is terribly wrong!

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is a figure who has had an influence well beyond the shores of the UK. Sacks, who died just this November, was a …

Divided Times: Jonathan Sacks on Morality

—- Nice post. read it if you’d like because it is a nice post some thing to think about.

what it brought me to think about what is the very idea that culture is falling apart, or a society is going wrong, or something is not normal.

I have difficulty with these apocalyptic ideas that something is terribly wrong.

I just extend it to the scene that I am on right as I’m making this post. I’m standing on a sidewalk along a street along the side of a relatively large park.

Now, as I look onto the scene, there’s pretty much nothing that I can see that does not indicate to me that something has gone terribly wrong. The sidewalk for example. To pave rock over what is otherwise living soil is dysfunctional. to put a fence around a piece of land is indicated of cultural breakdown. mowed grass is evidence of things going terribly wrong. A trash can? We have lost our original sense of normalcy.

and we could even look backwards in time. The development of industry was horrendous for humanity.

The ability to smelt metals out of rock: Holy shit! humanity is going to hell right there.

we learned how to domesticate plants. run for your lives! The end of the world is near!!

it is interesting as well as somehow offensive to me how readily we are to uncritically look at the world and pick out various aspects to culminate in a conclusion that “something is terribly wrong!”

we’re all going to hell!!

I just don’t agree with that sentiment.

See? We can’t help it. Lol.


I think it is the nature of being human to think that something is wrong and to point out things to get us back to what is good and right.

Actually, we have loads of intellectual philosophies and things that seem to make sense to us that just argue this over and over, giving us various proofs depending on whatever condition that something is terribly wrong and going way wrong.

I think the more significant question should be not how we are going to fix it, but rather, why do we constantly see things that are incorrect and terrible?






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