Ran Lahav – What is “Philosophical” in philosophical counseling

Ran Lahav has been a philosophical counselor and practitioner for the past 22 years in Israel and USA. He taught the first university course of philosophical…
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——- thank you Maylynno for informing me about this possibility of philosophical counseling. I believe there are probably a few “schools”, in the lose sense of the word, A philosophical counseling. However, I feel they must all have something similar.

I am a philosopher but I find more value for being in the world through counseling. So I am very happy there is already people who are venturing into this domain of practical application of what we call philosophical. 

Though my future practice may appear slightly different than what Ran here describes, the basic approach I think will be quite similar. I tend to view the world and approach Counseling, I am finding, from the standpoint of stories told; what story are we telling ourselves. This does not mean, though, that we cannot think philosophically within these stories, nor that we cannot be philosophical beings who are simultaneously telling a story about this philosophical journey. Nor that we can’t be within a narrative of philosophical dimensions.

Thank you Maylynno!! 








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