Rephrased: What is the purpose of philosophy?

Any answers?

Along with that one:

From where does philosophy gain authority ?






4 responses to “Rephrased: What is the purpose of philosophy?”

  1. AA Avatar

    Here is my two cents – Philosophy differs from other disciplines in the sense that it does not offer concrete answers , rather to philosophize is to question conventional wisdom and concepts.

    In a sense, everything stems from philosophy. It provides the groundwork on which these other disciplines stand on. Unfortunately, we live in a society governed by ‘instrumental reason’ and many of us can’t understand why she should bother studying ‘something for its own sake’.

    Lastly, of course the root of the word – the love of wisdom. To philosophize is to connect with our inner and deeper selves. To philosophize is to be human

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Thanks ! Yes.
      I agree.
      With one caveat: philosophy Can give us very substantial answers for existence and for “connecting with our inner deeper selves”. But precisely Becuase there is nothing deeper, nothing inner exactly. Philosophy can give us, under the proper conditions, the concrete truth which is total and meaningful lives.

      A philosophy where what is deeper must be complex is, I feel, the wrong way to go, a misinformed route. Filled with adventures, yes, but often leading to temporary “deep” realities.

      But perhaps the real deep answer is right in front of us all the time. Very simple and very shallow. But significantly and substantially true.



      1. AA Avatar

        yes, philosophy or certain philosophical practices can be seen as spiritual practice

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      2. landzek Avatar

        I think I might have to broker a deal between Philosophy and spirituality. They’ve been uneasy frenemies for a while. Either appearing mostly as one or the other. 💆🏽


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