Here is a human being in his natural habitat. Boxed in with technology. Happy. Having fun. Communicating through his little technology instrument. Through his technology window. Oblivious and content in his expertise.

Literally; when religious people say we are “children” of God, they are being more honest about what most of humanity actually are. For most people just want to be simple minds, playing in the sand: unconscious.

Yes. Most people. Mostly everyone. Just look around.

The perfect picture example of the trans human we live in and around now. In Reality. Not as mere theroetical proposals. There is not a common humanity; there is human beings who are really trans-humans. And then there are other people. We don’t really know what to call these other people becuase then the trans-humans will get offended. Lol. 🧑🏾‍🚀

Contrast and compare to the musician from the late 60’s in the previous post to this vid. Even listen to how they speak.


When robots and AI dominate they refer to thier humanity. Not having replaced us, just being us.






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  1. Anthony Garner Avatar

    I very much hope that the “transhuman” will become a reality. It is not much fun being plain “human”.

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  2. Anthony Garner Avatar

    I do think we humans have various very standardized characteristics, many of which we would be better off without. There are days when I feel very black and on those days I seriously doubt that consciousness is a “gift” at all. I strongly feel that we have a duty to try to improve the human condition and am a follower of the philosopher David Pearce who advocates the abolition of suffering.

    As to Buddhism, it requires no ridiculous belief in some fake supernatural deity and I have found both it and the tenets of the Tao very helpful in my life. I would consider myself awake in the sense that I have come to see through the absurdity of the way most people lead their lives – materialism and the endless pursuit of power and wealth.

    So, I feel there IS objective truth. Or, if there is not, that we must create objective morals – the need for the eradication of cruelty and suffering.

    The way to do that is through “awakening” in the Buddhist sense. Without that people will never see the need to change. The next step is to use technology to improve the human condition whether through drugs, genetic engineering or some yet undiscovered route.

    Hope this makes some sort of sense.

    I think people currently use technology (video games and the social media) to try to rid themselves of fear and numb their senses.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Sorry. I hadn’t noticed these replies until right now.


    2. landzek Avatar

      I think that we are able to perceive that humans have “various very standardized characteristics, many of which we would be better off without.” I feel that this is an ability of consciousness. It is a manner of seeing the world that consciousness is able to achieve or enact.

      I tend to get away about what I believe. I am very skeptical about the word “believe”. I know what you mean and what it is, but I am not sure that I am actually achieving anything by believing something. That is, I tend to try and use it no further that the likes of “I believe” that I might do something, or something might happen that will or will not.

      I am not sure that am able to believe things that are true that others don’t thin is true. I am able to believe in as much as I am doing something different than they are; believing that technology can be abused. For example. But I am not believing that there is abuse occurring; I am merely having an ability to frame the situation in the context of what is true. I am not believing it and thus it is true as opposed to someone who doesn’t believe it. They simply see it differently. They may be seeing it incorrectly, but I am not sure they believe something is true. Rather, they are but doing something particular to what they are able to do.

      I think the word “belief” tends toward a sort of miscommunication or misunderstanding of what is actually occurring. The word “belief” thus allows us to think things are true by some mysterious force of will. I am not sure that such a thing actually functions the was we believe it does. Lol.

      But I get what you ate saying and probably agree with it in as much as I am only able to do things that I am able to do; the same with whatever I am knowing. So, I am not confident that I believe that technology is screwing thongs up; it surely is not, by the simple fact that it exists, it is only able to do what it does. Just like us. But, yet I am able to believe that tech is doing things not so great, and despite that it is simply doing things neither good nor bad. Same as my believing. The fact that I believe only says something about what I am able to achieve; it doesn’t say anything about what is true or false, Becuase the truth or falsity has nothing to do with what I might believe of it. Lol


  3. Anthony Garner Avatar

    I often wonder whether Schopenhauer was right.


    1. landzek Avatar

      I am not very familiar with S. Even though I reposted a post about him. I’ve only read. Small parts. I think a first chapter here and there maybe. But i had other things I was reading.
      At the time lol

      That’s said. I am not very keen on philosophy’s that pose that there is something hidden from us about consciousness. I think all those types of ‘seeing through the veil’ kind of ideas are very religious.

      But then that said: I think people need and indeed function on those kinds of ideas.

      But like the trans human thing: I’m not condemning it as much as I am saying that this is indeed how people function. It is not necessarily wrong. But I would say that it is how people want to function and indeed they do function. And so if I am coming up on some thing about what they do, I am not implying that they should also understand this view that I have. And that I am pointing to two different types of human beings, and that there’s a certain relationship between human beings that we are denying in our argumentation that is suggesting that people should somehow “wake up”.

      I’m not sure if there is a potential that lay in all human beings to wake up. I’m pretty sure that most people will never wake up, they don’t want to wake up, and even if I was to explain it to them they would just think I’m an idiot.

      And so I feel that there’s something else going on that we need to recognize about what it is to be human.

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    2. landzek Avatar

      Yeah… the longer I am on this world, the more I see types of people. I don’t see “humans” that we all have capcacities and abilities that any of us could access or understand. I see. “Types”. Like. There isn’t one type of rock such that any rock has the potential to melt at 560 degrees but some just don’t understand it yet. No.

      But I do definitely see that most human beings see human beings as if we are rocks just choosing or not yet able to melt at 560°. Like there are in need of human capacity and abilities and intelligence is, that if we could just describe for them the situation or the underlying issue sufficiently enough then they would understand or see the light of the situation. But then also that the people who can’t see the light or don’t see the light, we tend to have judgments and opinions about them is if they are stupid, or is if we need to correct them somehow, or people that are involved in a certain way of living that seems like it’s wrong, like people who don’t recycle or something. As if I could just convince them, give them enough of the facts, tell them about how the earth is dying or whatever, then they should want to recycle. But then if they don’t change their views, then I have judgments upon them, is if they’re just being obstinate, or they can’t really see the truth of it because, because of whatever reason I want to attribute to their blindness.

      As if I could just explain to them the Buddhist tenants of enlightenment or in letting go or in Meditation, then these people would be happier and they would be less violent or whatever. If I guess you could just explain to them why they need to believe in Jesus Christ, then the world would be a better place, but if they don’t then Satan must have a hold of them.

      I see the world through the lens that there are definitely people that think that way, that view people view humanity in that context. And indeed I go about my life this way. But there’s something in me that understand something different that keeps me from hanging onto those opinions as if they hold some sort of subjective truth of myself, but as well that prevents me in thinking that there’s some objective truth out there that should transcend or communicate into other human beings who are intelligent.

      I don’t think that’s really the case. I think there are different types of human beings. And that there is no way to convince people that are of a different type how their category is incorrect, but neither does my judgment upon them do anything to make them change or make me change, or affects the world in any particular way whatsoever.

      So I think the truth of the matter is that there are types. And so when I describe things philosophically, really I’m just describing what is occurring. If there is a judgment that it appears that I making, really I’m just describing the situation of the judgment itself rather than implementing a force that I feel that the object of that judgment should change. Really I’m just showing objects. I am exhibiting types of objects that exist in the universe

      What do you think about that?


    3. landzek Avatar

      …. did you happen to watch the “motzart” vid in my previous post?


      1. Anthony Garner Avatar

        Not yet but will do. I have to say I love Mozart and have sung many of his choral pieces. My latest love however is Tchaikovsky’s Liturgy of St John Chrystostum

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  4. Anthony Garner Avatar

    Agreed. A simple life not thinking about much if anything would suit me just fine.


  5. Anthony Garner Avatar

    Simple minds playing in the sand. Well that would certainly suit me. Sentence is much over rated. I an often tempted to agree with Schopenhauer


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