Zizek on Racism: And, the reason for orientation.


Zizek suggests the interface of struggle is between identity and universality.

This is interesting to me in as much as I propose a new basis of what is universal.

I always get from Zizek a sort of global version of racism which could be a little off from the formulation which has arisen in the Western Hemisphere. I sense that it is the universality of the Hegelian spirit mixed with the inherent failure of Lacanian linguistic analogy which is informing Zizek’s materiality. A good one, yes, but I think by his psychoanalysis and resultant centrality (universality) he makes the point of materialism, which is ultimately that there is no means to get to the universality of things in themselves. Everything is political to Zizek. Hence, he cannot see what is actually universal. Zizek’s phenomenal ontological parallax is historically pivotal.

Nevertheless, a good friend of mine who is actually African-American (not just a Black person) herself Says that American racism is just beneath her concern. That she doesn’t really view things through the lens of “Black Lives Matter” in such things that we have got going on over here. Well she excepts their validity, her own personal experience and opinion upon the matter is that anyone who would show her that taste but racism is just ignorant and not worth her attention.

I think that’s really what Zizek Is always indicating in every comment that he has on racism that I’ve heard of; namely, that people of color that he talks to feel as if there is a sort of an imposition of racial relations upon their local manifestation of politics, say on the African continent. And that indeed people of color reserve the right to be racist whoever they want to also, and always do, just like every other category of human being.

Nevertheless, my question to my friend, which I haven’t really asked her, is how she feels about indeed that the system of the United States already puts her in a place of compromise At all times. And the situation that might she may be walking away from because they’re beneath her attention, could be limiting her to a smaller or truncated freedom that she supposes to be activated.

Perhaps the history of the western hemisphere is so dichotomized between colonizer white people And oppressed dark people, that the more overt distinctions of various cultures on the western hemisphere, various nations, various groups in their own right, it’s clouded because of the presence of the white man is so symbolically hegemonic throughout the lands.

I don’t know. I’ve barely been out of my thousand mile radius from where I was born. And I’m white.


Two routes upon objects is instructive here. Since indeed I must humble myself in order to be able to encounter the other. But this does not mean that I “say that I am nothing…and you ate wrong because you are more than nothing”.

It is interesting that Zizek has a book called “less than nothing”. I don’t remember if that’s on my bookshelf, but he pretty much says the same thing over and over again in different contexts; it’s his analyses in these different contacts which are really amazing and I think why people go to him and listen to what he has to say.

But anyways, he begins this video clip with a joke about people who are fighting over who is more worth less, and the self righteousness that comes out of the feeling that I should be less than this other person because obviously this other person is not quite as nothing as I am. lol

We could see here though that Zack is not telling us about some incorrect way of being, rather, he’s telling us about how people behave, or how people understand that situation and then react to other things from it, and how this causes problems.

This shows is that people are not really comprehending what this “nothing” is. They are naturally having a righteous, a self-righteous, reaction to this concept of nothingness that is themselves as if somethings wrong with it. It is an inner conflict that I have indicated is inherently part of the modern human being. And indeed it is the psychological conflict which informs the basis of a move towards a view from an object orientation of counseling. As the paper a couple posts ago.x





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