The Real Analogy

This post will be about philosophy and the analogy of the real. Some things first.

My journey concerns and moves along the interface between, what I call, Self and the World. I am beginning to see that all my work involves the various aspects of coming to terms with an Absolute Separation in relationship with an Absolute Community.

In oder the establish how such Absolutes combine, we first have to establish what the absolutes are. Of course, though, we should see that there is no argument which can overcome absolute Being, for any argument which would propose to do so, would, in itself be arguing from a position which understands itself qua its being as an absolute marker of where the absolute might be compromised. Hence, my discussion here. This discussion is thus not accomplished successfully through an endless assertion of systemic definition as it is through analogy. Again: Hence, my discussion. We call upon the author to explain. The locale between which definition and analogy mix.

Now, because Word press had established the Block Editor as the default platform for this blog, you will not be reading the rest of this post here. Instead, which I think is probably better, I will publish this as a paper. and will post it when Im finished.

So, listen to Nick Cave instead, an exemplary of novel thought and new creation. While I write my essay somewhere else.

Fucking WP.





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