Trump Confirmed

After the election last week where President Trump lost, he confirmed himself a genuine douchebag, a term retired after a concerted effort of political correctness by no one at all. So anachronisitc is his sense of humanity, the term had to be ressurected just for the prupose of correctly identifying what this man actually represents, which is douchebagness. (Everyone reports)

He is confirmed a douchebag after his post election stunts where he just has to be that asshole which is threatening the integrity of the United States election process, as well as governance by the people.





3 responses to “Trump Confirmed”

  1. amorinoblog Avatar

    Hell yea! Confirmed sociopathic narcissist as well. I also keep thinking that this confirms he’s an authoritarian wannabee


    1. landzek Avatar

      Yeah. A dictator who can’t even dictate.


  2. amorinoblog Avatar

    Hell yea. Confirmed sociopathic narcissist as well !

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