The Modern Divine Comedy.

Scientists measure the shortest length of time ever- in zeptoseconds
(Plus- James Clerk Maxwell)

“Only time (whatever that may be) will tell”*…

—– I think the most wonderful and incredible thing about science of this sort is that it makes no sense whatsoever.


when I think about what is stated in this post it sounds so utterly ridiculous and nonsensical that I literally have to laugh out loud.

and it’s not because I don’t believe that they are finding something interesting out. It’s not because I think that they are involved in a fantasy or anything like that.

I think it’s more because what they are finding out doesn’t make any sense at all if you really think about what they’re finding out.

and yet they are finding it out!

It literally is the same condition that SlavojZizek talks about as a “catastrophe”.

because, if you think about what they’re really saying what they’re discovering or what they’re finding or what their measuring contains no sense at all that I am able to grasp hold of in anyway. I have to simply have faith that these clerics of modern Method are finding something out that’s really interesting. And this is really interesting. It is really interesting that people do stuff in their life that makes no sense and it makes sense.

The only way that I can say that it makes any sense at all, is, first, to believe that there actually is some thing called time that we can measure. And 100% this requires a complete Blind Faith. Second, I have to believe that the scientists are actually doing some thing that they themselves believe and have sensations about which makes sense to them. And this is to say even if it makes no sense to me, I have to have 100% blind faith that it makes sense to them. And so this is incredible to me, and it’s fascinating that I am able to be fascinated by such discoveries. it’s like an exercise in divine irony. 🧘🏽

And, I don’t really want to get into object oriented ontology, because object oriented ontology describes the situation perfectly. It accounts for it. It makes it be able to have and make sense to me without having The blind faith that there is some thing that scientists are measuring called zeptosecond, Or whatever it is.

It literally is like watching the best comedy you’ve ever seen in your life ! Like the best standup comedian you’ve ever gone and watched and you’re sitting there laughing until you’re crying in your gut hurts.

That’s what’s so amazing about this kind of science. Because it’s so serious it’s just got to be fucking stupid as hell– and yet so true!!


And the coolest thing is about my post here is that if you ask a physicist what time is, they will say it is nothing but a placeholder, a variable in a set of equations. It doesn’t exist in reality. 







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