Go Big or Go Small?

We’re always hearing that you should go big. Well I wonder if going big just leaves a bunch of mess in destruction in your wake that you and you have to go back and deal with which then Remove the effects of you going bag, at least so far is you might be.

Maybe the Best way to go big is to go big by going small. Go big through going small. Similar to

This is why I like Jordan Peterson’s advocation of philosophy And psychology, despite all the nonsense that went on with him and Slavoj Zizek And “the great debate”. I think for the most part people didn’t really understand what Peterson was saying because all the big intellectual people who like to think they have wonderful solutions for real situations, all the while just staying in their philosophical heads. Lol

But his point is that we like to go to these big systems and then try to philosophically decide why the system is wrong or what needs to be fixed in it, and through addressing these big systems thereby correct the small things.

Peterson’s point was that there is destruction and chaos and unmanageability inherent in the philosophical approach that goes to these big system fixes. And that what we really need to do if we want to address the world and society to its problems is start with the immediate and the Local. Look to One South and how they are manifesting and maintaining the world as it is, as it’s dialectical tensions are denied in the assertion of the free modern global agency. 

But I think the thing we need to really come to terms with is that the majority of the people in the world do not want to reflect upon themselves. And they will strike out at people who make them have to do so.

Most people want to only have to deal with what is outside of them. Indeed we could say that many religions are based in solving the problem of oneself through addressing or appealing to or supplicating to what is outside of them, what is the bigger power. Maybe this is where we get the idea of “going big”. Because if I can be buddies with the biggest power there is, then I don’t even need to worry about Who I am and what I do in the world and my fat affects. 

So like a disease, it might be better to start from the inside, go small, and then we might change what is big.

And that is the story of why I will never be out of a job as a counselor. Lol. 






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