The Stupid Despot…

…may constrain his slaves with iron chains; but a true politician binds them even more strongly by the chain of their own ideas; it is at the stable point of reason that he secures the end of the chain; The link is all the stronger in that we do not know of what it is made and we believe it to be our own work; despair and time eat away the bonds of iron and steel, but they are powerless against the habitual union of ideas, they can only tighten it still more; and on the soft fibers of the brain is founded the unshakable base of the soundness of empires.” — Servan, J. Le Soldat citoyen, 1780.

* from: “Discipline and Punish”. Michel Foucault. 1977. italics added.

And his argument forms the basis for the new argument of what, exactly, the presentation of mental health issues actually describe.

…as well as the description which argues for an evidential presence of an institutional sector of modern religious apology that we call conventional philosophy.






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