Reflections on freedom and limit

It has been some twenty years since the s11 protests against the World Economic Forum in Melbourne. Here are some of my writings, articles from the …

Xborder 1.0, S11

Having recently posted an essay “unlimited” and submitted a paper concerning what is true of the universe, i thought a reposting of this might be informational.

I find I ponder what or where the difference lays between 10,000 people who die Becuase of any random event, and 10,000 people die Becuase of human effect and affect.

It sounds crass, and indeed it is a non-ethical consideration, I admit. However, it seems to be that a large number of people just die all the time, and the cause is mainly a designation of choice in how we view the situation.

It interests me how of course I love my freinds and family and I would be and am sad when they die, and then how I am able or not able to extend to various lengths that linage of freinds and family within my sphere of my concern and sadness.

What is the ethical extent? I think that question is operative here. For indeed it is a counseling maxim that in order to be there for someone else I cannot fully care for them, fully be sad with them. I must reserve an aspect of myself for the sake of helping others effectively. Indeed, that’s what self care is, that if I am not able to reserve a specific space, then I need to be able to do things for myself to reclaim that space of health and effectiveness.

So then; how might we apply this knowledge of actuality to the idea that humans or not humans may be responsible for many people’s deaths? What is occurring ethically that I am so worried about the human effect in the viewable stream which extends out more or less further ?







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