Psilocybin’s Positive Effect on the Brain | by Adjustable Normal | Oct, 2020 | Medium

A pilot study published by Dr. Frederick S. Barrett has confirmed that a single dose of psilocybin can change the human brain’s neural architecture. Brain imaging techniques now show effects…
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I think this is fabulous. My concern is that due to the ‘actual’ lived experience of the psychedelic experience against what is deemed ‘therapeutic’ might give researchers and therapists a kind of false positive (here, as in ‘good for mental health’) that researchers and those who have not really experienced the full potential of such experiences cannot reckon, this leading to long term social effects that such practitioners could not have anticipated. In short, those therapists and such people who view the psychedelic experience through a certain lens, and then cast that picture upon what they are seeing, discounting the actual lived experience of the person who is going through the experience, Might be a creating a condition for a lower overall mental health of society, Because the researchers might not possibly appreciate what they’re dealing with in the psychic realm.






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