Top Three Theorists/Philosophers/ Thinkers

Give us your top three. Of your most influential and well liked philosophers or theorists or intellectual person.


— Mine are:

Kierkegaard, Zizek, Harman.

Come on you philosophers. It doesn’t have to be big names. It could just be people that have influenced you on an intellectual bent.

I’m not a huge blogger by any means, but I have I’d say that there’s probably 40 of you that come by and check out my posts regularly. And I get probably one new person every few days.

So.. top three, right now. 😸






6 responses to “Top Three Theorists/Philosophers/ Thinkers”

  1. Jon Awbrey Avatar

    Peirce, Gödel, Dewey

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    1. landzek Avatar

      I’ve never really looked at Charles Pierce. I imagine that’s who you’re talking about?


      1. Jon Awbrey Avatar

        Yes, Charles Sanders Peirce


  2. maylynno Avatar

    Spinoza, Nietzsche and Deleuze.. among many others.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Interesting combination

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  3.  Avatar

    Nietzsche, Socrates and John Rawls

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