Reference s’more

lol It’s a strange thing for sure. I’m not necessarily saying that it’s wrong To make references to contemporary people or to historical people or instances. As with most of my “argument”, I’m not really ever saying that something is wrong, I’m more at times describing what’s occurring, and then at other times just kind of, wow, that’s really weird lol!

But, I’ve been thinking that the reason why we hold these Proto languages, these Proto contemporary languages, whatever they are, Proto this Proto Proto Proto language, the first language and formation of words that could possibly ever exist that amebas exhibited…. lol

.. I feel like it’s because people tend to look outward for answers. So history with certain types of thinkers is an easy way to look at the extremities of outward Ness, which is to say, back in time, to the beginning, so to speak, and it’s really because we feel like early humans coming out of primordial existence may have uttered kind of original expressions, sounds that concorded with some sort of actuality of the universe behaving in unity. Such that the early Proto languages thereby have a “closer relationship” with the unfettered universe, so to speak.

I mean, for sure, when I read Heidegger and he uses all his Greek actual meanings of whatever originaria Proto words, I get the feeling of “of course!”

So really they kind of just add depth and weight often. And yet, it’s not like just reading Heidegger without the Greek words wasn’t giving me enough depth and weight anyways. And then I kind of have to wonder if I’m really searching these Proto words these protolanguages for the purpose of helping someone else. It’s not so much that there’s more significance to me because the Greeks said it this way or because Latin spelled it out that way, it’s more that iF I draw upon this history that is more me trying to help someone else, they might get this larger sense of depth that they were otherwise missing missing.

Yet, my “oh that’s weird” kind of question about seeking these Proto words, is really kind of saying like: no, I have just as much access to the original airy and fundamental beginning of all creation right in front of me, and Indeed my utterances pack just as much weight.

Nevertheless, some catastrophe has happened, where now an individuals words really carry no weight unless I pack them full of this extended history of utterances and text and people!

Kierkegaard’s appeal carries some significance here: “Where is everyone going ?”

Or, maybe, Where is everyone looking?






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