Ashtanga Yoga – A simple guide to healthy life during crisis

The Ashtanga Yoga is a practice of the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s yoga sutra. It leads to the overall development of mind, body, and spirit. These…

Ashtanga Yoga – A simple guide to healthy life during crisis

——– West, meet East. Cool exploration of practical philosophy by Madvi.x






6 responses to “Ashtanga Yoga – A simple guide to healthy life during crisis”

  1. Ashtanga Yoga – A simple guide to healthy life during crisis – maylynno Avatar

    […] Ashtanga Yoga – A simple guide to healthy life during crisis […]


  2. landzek Avatar

    …and. I appreciate the sort of “life skills” idea invested in them. For counseling it would be useful.

    And yet personally I become concerned with “right way” orientations of practice so far a living. I feel there is only “the way”.

    However. Clients are often not so philosophical and some are indeed looking for a “right way” by which to forge a different kind of life. 🌺

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  3. maylynno Avatar

    I reblogged your post to be published on next thursday. Great post!


  4. maylynno Avatar

    I love Ashtanga. It was the 1st type of yoga I learned. It’s a tough one, very athletic.

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  5. Madhvi Avatar

    What do you think about Ashtangayoga philosophy? Do these principles resemble any other thoughts or western philosophy or religion?


    1. landzek Avatar

      I am not sure how they might coincide or parallel Western notions.

      However, I feel that the Hindu/Buddhist/Eastern “philosophies” had a huge amount of time, over which various ‘smaller’ ideas were slowly seen as encompassing a “one” kind of philosophy. I feel that this huge amount of time allowed people to basically explore all the facets of Being and existence, practical, mystical, and ideal.

      I feel that this vast time period was, in a way, segmented out of what modernity calls “history” such that the vest explorations were basically left aside and obscured by the compartementization of “ancient philosophies”. They thereby have been obscured from their meanings by Western knowledge in the simple feat of crunching the vast array of knowledge into “Eastern”, or “hindu” or whatever. I feel that Western philosophy and ability to know is just barely starting being able to comprehend anything that arises outside of its narrow manner of coming upon the universe.

      So I appreciate your knowledge and postings, because it chips away at the western attitude and facade that it can hold all the keys.

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