Logistics sounds very much like logic, but I’ve always wondered that the logistics of a thing don’t necessarily require logic. In my experience, …


—– Love this! I didn’t know it.
Readers of this blog might notice that I asked the question philosophically of “logistically, how do you know this?”

are use it in the sense of, really, how are things operating such that a person knows this. As in, what mechanics take place to get the information from that object out there through the boundary of my subjectivity into my mind unfettered, undisturbed, for me to be able to discern, say, the rock Ness of the rock, and the qualities of rock that my subjectivity is painting that object with?

So really I’m talking about supply lines, but also mechanics, as in, how does this one piece move or a fact the next piece such that those two pieces work together to bring about the movement of another piece etc.

but I didn’t know that the root of the word logistics is about what it takes to house troops.

cule !






6 responses to “Logistics”

  1. landzek Avatar

    Yeah. An organization circuit.


  2. maylynno Avatar

    Logic can be universal when it comes to discourse but not to operating devices or machines. Logistics means “a logic/sense proper to the thing in itself”. It is more of an operating and an organisation circuit.


    1. landzek Avatar

      I mean it more in the sense of Operation. Like, the logistics of getting your Amazon package to your front door. I like it in the sense of the root, the etymology. As in what it takes for something to happen or be like that. Like to house troops. What do we need in order to house troops 1 mile away from where we’re having the war. Well, we need supply lines, we need laundry, we may need medical we need the weapons etc.

      So, For me the philosophical question towards the end of certain discussions is how logistically do you know this?

      Do you know what May Lynne ? The one post from you the “good habits of mind“ that I reposted. It accounts for 1/4 of all my views on my blog for this year. 😜


      1. maylynno Avatar

        Thank you for reblogging! 🙂❤
        How have you been? Your website is really interesting 👍

        Regarding your post, I agree with you. Logistics comes from the word Logic/logos. Both have the same etymology but they are different as one is the theory and the other the practice.


    2. landzek Avatar

      The way I hear it commonly used is more like an organization circuit. I never hear of logistics in the sense of anything else except of “how did it come to be here and how is it able to be there”. And this means, in the common sense that I hear it everywhere used. I’ve never heard it used in any other context except that what needs to happen in order for this thing to exist right there.

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    3. landzek Avatar

      I see logic as a tool to apply. Where is the logistics, yeah I think as you’re saying, is more how is it able to be right there.

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