A Match Made in Heaven

I’m sure you’ve heard how everyone wants to meet their “soulmate“ and live happily ever after…

… i’m pretty sure what your soulmate actually is, is someone who is equally as fucked up as you are. 😁

Then also, I’m thinking the reason why people celebrate couples who have been together an extremely long time is because it takes a lot of effort to get along with someone who’s not fucked up like you are fucked up.

I mean why would we celebrate anything that was easy? If someone has like a 30th wedding anniversary, or 50 years?? Damn. That is called commitment, for real!

… and then how about birthdays? Do you think we’re really celebrating the autonomic biological organism that lasts that long? Hell no! We’re celebrating a person that has had to put up with this bullshit Called the world for however long. 🌹

… And, if you philosophers are so interested. You could go back about three or four years—maybe 5 or 6– in my posts and look for my little blurb about love…

Thought for today.


I think I’m gonna call my counseling business, you know, when I become a professional counselor:


Either that, or the first name for my business that I came up was more along the fantasy line, which I think will be much more appealing actually the people who want to get better:


I’ll just talk with the client, and her and I will just make up shit. Will just make up a fantasy world where everything is perfect. We will just brainstorm her own theory of mental health together, and the person will get better!!

I mean, all the other mental health theories are just purely arbitrary fantasies anyways…aren’t they??

It’s going to be great!

Seriously though. I love mental health. I love being involved in this world.

(don’t tell anyone, though, about my genius ideas for business names. Please. Those are some good names and I don’t want anyone to take them. Never mind, I just omitted them from the post. You get to guess!







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  1. maylynno Avatar

    Lol… So true!


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