Amalgamated Religion

I was just listening to a story about Covid and religious practice where they talked about Jerusalem and how the three Faith’s all believe that something holy happened in the same place, each to their particular religious history.

This got me thinking: I wonder if the three religious groups, leader ship perhaps of each, could get together and compare each of their theology’s together and find out what is common between them, particularly. And perhaps they could take the word of each of their law, and compare it to the other two and see where it is only the words that are keeping them apart, whereas the spirit of the words is actually the same.






3 responses to “Amalgamated Religion”

  1. Marts Avatar

    They all think that their varied doctrines are the ultimate law, no way will they ever get together… But if they could I think that may be best for societies…

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  2. maylynno Avatar

    You wish! They do everything to keep us divided!

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    1. landzek Avatar

      No doubt they do. ! 😜

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