The Ubiquitous drug of modernity.

Our first and most obvious craving was for sugar. You don’t realize that sugar is really just a low-level cocaine addiction until you don’t have it …

Knowing your addictions…

——— most people do not think about it. But when you do, you must have some sort of sinking feeling in your stomach. Then also to realize that World War II was fueled by amphetamine. The allied troops were given amphetamine as part of their rations for the field, and Adolf Hitler as well known to have taken amphetamine shots intravenous weigh every day. One begins to ask oneself just what freedom is and what allows for it in our modern era. 

Sugar. Slaves. Capitalism. Money. Drugs.


To be conscious is to recognize the elements which constitute our own being. 







4 responses to “The Ubiquitous drug of modernity.”

  1. Hesiod Avatar

    I think the bigger drug, the new opium of the masses–if you will–is mass sports! 😉


    1. landzek Avatar

      …. sports fueled by alcohol- sugar !


      1. Hesiod Avatar

        Don’t you think it’s the opposite? Sports fuels alcohol and other consumables. I rarely meet anyone who drinks first then watched sports. I know many people who watch sports and then want to get drunk only because they’re watching. First principles. It then becomes a vicious cycle. Especially football and NASCAR.


      2. landzek Avatar

        Well. Ok. Addiction. Lol.
        Sugar is Ubiquitous. Alcohol is sugar.


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