Growth after trauma: Post Traumatic Growth

Post-traumatic growth helps people find a new sense of personal strength and a new focus on helping others.
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This morning I came upon an article in my Apple news about post traumatic growth. And it was a promotion of an article from health magazine which I don’t have a Subscription for, So I just searched, and found this link.

From a counseling perspective it is a simple matter of understanding that a traumatic event Can occur in one’s life which disrupts someone’s life, and so then there might be things that we can do to get one’s life back somewhat to how it was “before”. Yes.

Philosophically, I tend to approach it from a larger perspective, which is a stay from a causal perspective instead of a symptomatic perspective.

At some point I’ll write a paper about the differences, but for now it is a difference found in the question of “before”:

what was I like before?

Was I “not traumatized”?

And a pivotal question, how do I know this?

Psychology, and counseling as a general idea, does not approach these epistemological questions nor really philosophy in general as a way to understand a situation. As I argue in a paper that hopefully will be published soon, called “towards a unifying theory of counseling”, Psychology tends to argue backwards to justify it’s intentional thinking.

A different approach would be to see that the object of my intention towards solution is itself a symptom. Which is to say, the object that I come upon to thereby come up with some sort of solution that seems apparent to my reason, is it self addressing a symptom and not a cause. Psychology would say the complete opposite, that it is attempting to find cause through a regression of symptoms. 

Yet, my argument is not one that is discounting psychology, but one that includes psychology as a kind of approach that can help us to locate cause; just to say that psychology is a particular approach and is not really addressing the complete picture of the issue. At least so far as psychology today really is not the same type of psychology as Kierkegaard mentions in his works.

So there is a kind of non-philosophical function occurring here that if you want to get into it you can try looking back into my archives of this blog.

Ok. More in a mint…





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