Zizek! Pandemic!


———–Every once in a while, I just gotta look over and see what Zizek has got to say.

Maybe this is a good time to revisit Plato’s remembering and forgetting- but in a modern context.

The forgetting is the state. The state Co-opts everything that occurs as though it is taking care of it, as though we are handling it, however we are. The state posits a history that we learn from and that directs us to meta-rational (hopefully) decisions about what to do next. But we have already forgotten in that path. That is the nature of the state: to distract, consolidate, renew.

But, again hopefully, there is remembering. Here, the modern state is viewed for what it is, a particular operation of psychology which places the self into a world and works to maintain it at all costs. The state is a fantasy of ontological trauma, always putting and throwing up new signs of deliverance, but we are delivered always back into the state, never to a true solution, and more toward the one authority. The guiding call of solution changing at every contingency, due to that state, appearing and confirming that the solution is the ethical same, an actual utopia of goodness.x

Time to come home now.





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