Change the Role of Police


“Part of our misunderstanding about the nature of policing is we keep imagining that we can turn police into social workers. That we can make them nice, friendly community outreach workers. But police are violence workers. That’s what distinguishes them from all other government functions. … They have the legal capacity to use violence in situations where the average citizen would be arrested.”

Good point.

Society needs violence workers. To argue against that is basically to argue a utopian dream.

Perhaps We need more community workers. People who work along side or in concert with police to step in at the Appropriate moments.

I mean; would we really want a kinder softer military?

Probably not.

Also with police.






2 responses to “Change the Role of Police”

  1. Kimberly Byrd Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the informative message through your post.


  2. Corkywk Avatar

    Good point Mr. Landzek! I think we all forget that they are fallible imperfect human beings like the rest of us. No matter what we’d like to believe they’re a group of individuals each different in their own capacities. And to your point, they are trained to deal with force, dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations.

    To assume them also, and each and everyone of them, to be experts in mental health, cognitive reasoning, social behavior etc. etc. is delusional. No one person can retain such varied knowledge and then apply it seconds-fast to the exactly needed circumstance. Never mind an entire sector of public law enforcement!

    This does not of course exonerate the over-the-top violent or racist profiling we’ve seen causing due course protesting. Those acts are inexcusable. But it does bring to light the incredible fine line they are expected to walk each and every day and more so now then ever — between reacting too-aggressively or endangering themselves or the public by mitigating their very training.

    Perhaps that is the answer, training anew for a now different and changed social world of today. Either way, It’s a tough job! I wouldn’t want to do it!

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