Being Come Upon is Comfort in the World. Substance.

I was just pondering what I put in my last post. We typically define human beings as social creatures and I think we most often associate that idea with a group of animals huddling together in the wilderness. Developing social structures and norms which serve to protect the group, by keeping it cohesive, against the brutal and evil world.

But I would submit that the human being growing in the universe, indeed as an object of the universe, a universal object amongst other objects that indeed are also being, this kind of individual no longer is alienated from the universe.

We might begin to ponder if indeed what we know so well as existentialism and phenomenalism and Postmodernism Are really arguments towards the maintenance of a particular social structure. If indeed we are growing as a human creature, we must also be growing as a universal creature, moving along a kind of universal mandate, like a plant or like migration or the motion of celestial bodies. Hence our philosophies of the 19- 20th century might be seen less as some traditional argumentative base, and more as evidence that human beings do move universally. We are thus argued to be alienated as social creatures, perhaps, for the purpose of seeing that in our human state of indeed kind of dominating the globe, that we are able to not have to fear the world or the universe, or that this fear of the universe is actually a call into the universe, a call by that world, that being of potential relation which is most close to us, to join in the universe.

Less social creatures as this monkey or ape which huddles together to create warmth in a cold universe, now perhaps we are called out into the universe by the world, to be individuals, as opposed to individuals that only exist within the sequestered political state.

The individual in the universe called forth by the world this finds her self at home in the world. She is not able to be herself with purpose in the world because she is acting as though involved with the world, two beings, so to speak, attempting to accomplish something.


Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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