The problem with a dip in productivity due to working from home

There is no problem. That is, a dip in productivity is against the idea that “we“ are in a race to get somewhere.

I’ve already dipped my Kierkegaardian cards. He asks, “where is everybody going so fast?”

First, where are we going? Where are “we” going? Where is humanity trying to get to? What are we trying to accomplish? Why?

Who is this “we”?

And I find myself asking that question for probably since I’ve been an adult. Does anyone ever ask why we have to get everything done so quickly? What are we trying to do?

Does anyone ever ask these questions?

What is being educated if no one ever considers or even thinks about these kinds of questions?





4 responses to “The problem with a dip in productivity due to working from home”

  1. Andrew Abballe Avatar

    Been thinking alot about the expectation of ‘infinite growth on a finite planet’. Further, not all increased in productivity or GDP necessarily increase our wellbeing per say


  2. maylynno Avatar

    I guess mankind had always asked these questions. But with uprise of capitalism in the modern world, speed and ambition became our focus. The irony is, we ran so fast and so big, that we are stuck at home now

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Lol. Another weeird irony: You know military salutes supposedly came from the medieval knights; it was respect the knights would lift their helmet face cages when they approached each other, like a salute. Now, though, when people approach each other, we put our mask over our faces.

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      1. maylynno Avatar

        I feel we are in an episode of superman lol

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