Use the corona-lockdown to see yourself in the world

HERE reposted : actually wanted to post this in 7 weeks, but because I see the population getting nervous and impatient amongst lockdowns and because it is my …

Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks

——————The re-post here starts out good; I like the introduction. The “solution”in the meditation practice, on the other hand, is up to the reader.

“Take what you need and leave the rest.”

Personally, I am not in a place Where I am able to understand and apply such practices as framed in a way such as this re-post does.

There is no argument that can be made to me, and I feel if we are honest with ourselves then there is no argument that needs to be made to me because If such practices were valuable and vital to my existence and being then they would make sense to me and I would practice them.



The beginning of that repost talks about how so few people see that the world is their own reflection. And then it gives a meditation that can help people to see the truth of the situation, or be free or whatever.

For me, it just reminded me of the philosopher/psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

In particular, if I am not completely misinterpreting his ideas, yet accompanying them with the sensible extrapolations of time:

The modern world of individual identity is based in the state of alienation. Alienation can be said to be brought about through an identification with the image. In Lacan’s idea, The child sees its reflection in the mirror and identifies with the reflection. It is called “the mirror stage”. The modern world, the modern social world, can be said to be caught in the mirror stage.

Identifying one’s Self with the image, is itself the ontological state of alienation. This, in a way, disembodied Self thus looks back into the Real world with anxiety, or angst, for it is unable to overcome the trauma which has occurred in the formation of ego around the image as it views its originating body. The non-Self (image) thus erects a fantasy to help relieve the trauma. It there by does not see its actual Being in the “non-image” but indeed sees a world that is not itself, which is in Lacan’s terms, the imagined world, ie the (modern) fantasy.

Symbols thereby become a sort of fetishized substance, a magical device, which are understood by the alienated identity to be able to bring the world into communion or coordination with its non-Self. This situation develops as a Marxist dialectic called ideology, but is what Lacan calls a “mistake” or “misunderstanding” of, what I call, the Truth.

The Truth is that the ideological world is ultimately the Self occupied with a mistaken identification, and this alienated state thus reflects the world as not the Self. Which, ironically, is the Truth.

Hence we have a segue into the meaning of Kierkegaard’s critique of Hegel: The irony of the “either/or” ontological question is that the question (as method for coming upon the world) itself is based in a mistake. As well, the imaginary “truth” which reveals itself at once as ideological as well as a way to overcome or get outside of it (revolution) arises in the encounter with the symbol because the symbolic world and the imaginary world are indeed what allows for the dialectical and thus ideological world to appear and function truthfully. So it is the Real world is that which actually is “absurd” with reference to the symbolic-imagined fantasy which arises through trauma as post-traumatized identity (modernity), which replays the originating trauma through disembodiment (reason, idea, etc…).

The issue thus is less how to overcome the fantasy, and more how to deal with the originary mistake which manifests through shame as trauma, that is, the inherent vacillation of guilt, shame, and anxiety that arise through the basic ideological default of existential choice, what Kierkegaard calls sin or despair to will to be oneself. Which is then the basic offense that The West in general knows colloquially as original sin.

Today, though, often enough, this kind of discussion is discredited outright in the move toward an ideological importance of reality. This is due, then, to the basic denial that arises when individuals (but the world, society) find the symbolic way through the trauma is closed off. Hence the fantasy routes modern individuals back more firmly into the fantasy, such that the questioning itself becomes blocked (PTSD) as, now, an ideological mandate: A true religious commandment (again, see Kierkegaard): Thou Shalt Not…

The alienation is thus overcome through a new religious devotion to the truth of the fantasy. The dialectic which then will arise is de facto a continuance we know as PTSD.

There is much more to be said here, but we can get much of it through Slavoj Zizek’s Philosophy.





6 responses to “Use the corona-lockdown to see yourself in the world”

  1. Amar Avatar

    Thanks for reblogging this.
    For clarity’s sake I think in general it is important to separate issues in order not to confuse them.

    A.) So we have one issue of whether the world is a reflection of ourselves
    B.) and another one about the exercice I did recommend.

    You said:
    1.)The “solution”in the meditation practice, on the other hand, is up to the reader.
    2.)I am not in a place Where I am able to understand and apply such practices.
    3.)I would practice them. If such practices were valuable and vital to my existence and being then they would make sense to me and I would practice them.

    That excactly was the point of my post (I answer to above points):
    A.) Instead of leading endless discussions whether the world is a reflection of us,
    B.) I suggest to do this exercise and then see for yourself how your entire mindset will change.
    that’s why
    1.) the solution lies in ones own experience, not in endless exchanges of opinions.

    And as for your willingness to try it out:
    You ourself said that
    2.) You are not understanding those practices, and
    3.) you would do it if you did find them vital to your existance.

    That is a catch-22-situation because you say:
    “Because I don’t understand the exercise I won’t do it”, and I say:
    “as long as you won’t do it, you won’t understand its value”

    Long story short:

    Either do it
    (and then learn to know about this entire new kind of mindset),
    or don’t.

    Es gibt nichts Gutes außer man tut es!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. landzek Avatar

      Yes I agree with you. And I repose by saying that it is not in the capacity or scope of my being as yet to be interested in trying.

      As of right now, it is for others to try.
      And it is not for me to determine for whom such meditation might be for.

      That is kind of why I did re post your post instead of only making a Western psychology comment about reflection: because there may be people who read my blog for which such meditTion is meaningful and purposeful. And timely.



      1. Amar Avatar

        I can fully understand that not everyone can jump in those unknown waters straight away,
        and the main reason for pushing it right now is that many may be forced to stand still anyway, so one or the other might make use of that time in the most constructive way. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. landzek Avatar

        Absolutely. I love it. In a way, my post could be understood as a hand off to the practice you speak of. For perhaps a person somewhere, anywhere, is sitting waiting for that opportunity.


      3. Amar Avatar

        Yes I agree, there first is a time when we slowly approach a subject and in the meantime we serve as messengers.

        On another note – you nicely liked my comments but in your blog I don’t see an option to like yours, so don’t take it personal if I didn’t – your wordpress-theme simply seems not to show a like-button for comments 🙂


      4. landzek Avatar

        Lol. Oh. That’s interesting. That happens with some posts that I come across and other people‘s blogs too. I am registering “Likes“ though. I’m not sure why that happens. Thanks. Your blog is very interesting, although somewhat new and thus foreign to my scheme of viewing,so to speak. 🐝.


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