The So Small Quantum World

Inevitably, in dealing with such small things of the universe, what once we saw as fundamental, such as atoms, electrons and quarks, indestructible at times and indeterminate at other times and conditions we may find that in their motions with defined opposites and semi-opposites, such particles will become eroded, supplying us with even more and smaller fundamental particles.

One might then wonder how much time it takes before God itself arises as the smallest particle instead of the biggest.

…or last cause instead of first..

…or All causes ?

Or medium size ?

Do we ever ask: Why are we finding these things?






2 responses to “The So Small Quantum World”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Absent intention, I don’t think what you are talking about could be called God.

    I hope you’re doing well, Lance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. landzek Avatar

      Well, many people do look along those lines for God. Even though it’s probably not the best road. 😄.


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