Why do physicists have the wrong idea about aliens?

Why do physicists have the wrong idea about aliens?

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Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

5 thoughts on “Why do physicists have the wrong idea about aliens?”

  1. I agree. I not only believe in the probability of intelligent alien life out there somewhere, I believe it would be shocking if there wasn’t. Still the incomprehensible vastness of our universe, the incredible distances between galaxies for me, explains why they are yet unknown. Its not surprising at all that we haven’t found them yet.

    We are still in our infancy when it comes to the technologies needed to explore and find other existing life out there. We haven’t even fully explored our own universe yet and only the old Voyager Space Probes (launched in 1977 and still going!) have even left our own solar system never mind reaching other galaxies.

    Even if other lifeforms have cracked the code of near light-speed. The distances between us makes it highly unlikely that they’ve found our little spinning rock among the trillions of others hurtling through space. But I do believe there out there — somewhere!

    “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.” — Carl Sagan

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      1. Yeah, where exactly our solar system ends and interstellar space begins is a tough interpretation. NASA and the AGU had originally agreed that breaking the heliosphere (solar wind) would indicate leaving the solar system. However voyagers instrumentations indicated zero winds on numerous occasions only to have them start up again latter.

        The edge of our systems magnetic field is considered by some to be the end of our solar system. And on and on. Remember we’re talking 1970s technology on board the Voyagers here so indicating the solar systems edge using what’s on board and working is using very old and long ago outdated technology.

        You can check out NASA’s Live Voyager feed and see the miles tick off (and other cool stuff) in real time. Pretty amazing!

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  2. Who has a good idea about aliens? We haven’t encountered any on a massive popular scale to have an objective idea about aliens. Aliens stories related so far are about some individuals encountering extraterrestrial phenomena or unexplained ones. So the whole alien idea needs more proofs and data. I am not saying aliens don’t exist. I am just saying that our representations of them are still sci-fi more like

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