Flat Ontology, Questions, and Assemblages

Flat Ontology, Questions, and Assemblages

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Years ago when I first Encountered object oriented ontology of Graham Harman, And then was moved into Levi Bryant and his object ontology, I didn’t really understand Bryant’s take. In the past year or so though I have been finding that Briidge probably Has contributed just as much has Harman in this area. In fact, I think it was Bryant that came up with the term for Harman. 

I was immediately struck by Harman’s ideas because, honestly, I had been playing around with the same kind of approach on things. I think Bryant is saying something slightly different, but in so much as I have remained open and continually come back to Bryant and his writings in his blogs, I’m actually encountering more Differences in Harman than my own ideas, and this seems to have allowed me to appreciate what Bryant is saying in his books as well.

Check out Levi Bryant if you’re interested in object ontology for sure. 

But it did cross my mind just now why it is that Harmon is the one that is or seems to be more “famous” or even “infamous” for object ontology then Bryant.

And I think it could be because Harmon was a sports writer, and so his writing in itself is a little bit more approachable, a little bit more like someone who is writing for an audience who wants to be entertained and educated.

So I guess we should never underestimate writing craft as part of why any philosophical ideas May enjoy more or less popularity. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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