The Right Thing

I dont Twitter (lol). I don’t even call it the right word. 😜
So I posted the picture of what I’m commenting about:

Elizabeth Warren and her idea of free college and loan forgiveness and some dude who asked her about it.

The man is complaining because he did the right thing.

My question is: Did he do the right thing because it is right ? Or because he thought he was supposed to?

What is this guy really saying? What is he talking about?

To my mind he is talking about that he feels stupid with reference to something that is socially sensible. That with reference to Warren’s plan, he feels dumb.

It’s not about his money — but he thinks it is. He is displacing what is actually occurring for him for the sake of what is apparent to him.

When we look at the world, events and the people in it, we should realize that most people do not reflect upon what they do in life in a way which is what many would call rational or insightful, or even reflect what many would consider educated or intellectual. Most people simply live and try to “do the right thing”.

And most of the time, with most people, there is no getting an answer to whether someone was ‘actually’ doing the right thing, or whether they were ‘actually’ just doing what they thought they were supposed to, or because they had to. Because to an overwhelming amount of common human beings there is no discernment between this kind of intellectual ethical decision, most simply don’t give a large goose about the difference. It simply does not dawn on them to reflect in this way, and I would submit that they are incapable, yes, unable to think this way because to them it has no practical sense (or pure sense, for that matter (Kant)).

This is what we are dealing with in a democratic society: everyone has a say. And despite whether it makes any particular sense to anyone else. Yet we have to allow them to make the sense that makes sense to them. Simply because there they are. It is democratically ethical, even if those other people will not understand this imperative and will not prescribe it it.

That is the burden of modern democracy.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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