More Strange Views on Impeachment.

Reading New York Times article on what people think…

On one side we have people who see that Trump did nothing wrong. These people seem to be idealistic in thier blind faith to the system of the US. As though it is fixed and secure if we’d just let people (Trump) be. These people see the other side only scheming. Thier honesty I think I based in sticking to a single ideological view.

On the other side people see Trump as having low moral character, and that our US system depends upon a human ethic which includes high character and honesty. These people try to take a larger view on the world and hold our leaders to be accountable for how they are a persons in this respect.

I What do you think?






10 responses to “More Strange Views on Impeachment.”

  1. maylynno Avatar

    As a Lebanese I see that the american foreign affairs have been unfair to people in the ME and so is Trump’s. But, no matter how capricious he is or seems to be, I guess he did some good things to the american economy.. or am I wrong?


    1. landzek Avatar

      I don’t really know what he’s done. I think some things he’s done as president, if it were a different person, would be taken in an ok light. So. There’s that. But overall I think he is a poor leader, and a poor president and a poor representative of the US. And just a lame person.

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  2. landzek Avatar

    So you’re saying that Trump should be impeached?

    Are you saying that Trump is doing so well as a president, but that the attitudes towards Obama was such that he couldn’t get that much done because he would’ve been attacked by the other side because he’s black?


    1. Jon Awbrey Avatar

      XLV is already impeached, if there were any justice he should be removed from office for crimes against democracy, humanity, and the planet.

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      1. landzek Avatar

        It’s sad, though, that I fear that he won’t be removed from office. And I think it’s because Republicans, as a general sort here, have closed their ears and eyes. It’s kind of nauseating, and a very existential sense, that actually most human beings don’t give a shit about anyone else or have anything that we could really consider intelligence beyond a very postmodern reading of what intelligent it’s might be being reduced to anything that acts. Lol


  3. Jon Awbrey Avatar

    It is not “blind faith to the system of the US”.

    If Obama had done one one-thousandth of the things XLV does every day, they would have set their KKK-Nazis4Jesus militias on the White House a long time ago.


    1. landzek Avatar

      😄 what is XLV ?


    2. landzek Avatar

      I’m not quite sure what you’re saying but it seems really funny. 😁


    3. landzek Avatar

      I mean, are you saying that he should be removed from office? And that Trump is getting a free ride?


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