Aliens and Knowledge

This was in my Apple news this morning.

I wonder what your reaction is to it.

I have to admit, my first reaction was, people are gonna think she’s nuts. My reaction was not, that’s bullshit; we don’t know if aliens exist.

.And that kind of struck me as odd but at the same time reassuring and philosophically salient, so far as we are coming to understand what the actuality of our existence may be through an object orientation.

When you think about what this woman is saying, one almost Hass to come to the conclusion that aliens must necessarily exist, and that they are probably on earth right now.  and the reason why these are the conclusions is, as she says, the universe is so unfathomably large. But not only this; if if one then thinks about what might be outside of the universe, and then contemplate just what we mean by the universe, the sheer possibility involved in the limitation that goes on in our capacity to think and understand things points to the fact that our knowledge is drastically small and myopic.

And this is what 000 says which shows that the philosophical interest it’s really about orientation upon objects, so far as it has to do with human beings, and not so much about what human beings might think ontologically, which is to say in our cosmological and bias founded “Knowledge”. And when we think about science, from my Lehman on scientific understanding of what science gets us: Science just gets us what we can use, it just scrapes A sufficient amount of understanding from any object in order to get some use out of it, while the majority of the substance of that object lay totally out of reach and uninvestigated. 





3 responses to “Aliens and Knowledge”

  1. Anthony Garner Avatar

    I guess that could well make sense. Our sight, touch, hearing ability to smell may simply not be a wide enough array of senses to detect aliens amongst us. The exciting conjecture is how we might widen our doors if perception.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Perhaps not only that. For What is perception?
      Knowledge itself may be merely a kind of “use protocol”, where what we regularly know is referred to what use we have for it, particularly in establishing our selves in a world, of making sensible our being in the world. This use seems would necessarily preclude any information which cannot be used by use for that purpose. We would be oblivious to information which merely Is, which is to say, other types of Beings which are not useful to our knowledge.

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  2. maylynno Avatar

    I love aliens 😊


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