Trump Impeetchmint Process Showes Were all Moroons.

Let’s face it: if their is any one thing we are finding out aboot humanity, it is that we are not special, that God did not choose us to be the noble creature in the universe, and that we are not as smart as our mindes would want to tell us.

The Trump impeechmint thing shows is blatantly that the US governmint is filled with incompitent peepel. If there is any argument to the contrarie, thin all it shows is that the person with that opion is still cot in the anachronistik view of THe Enlightenment Dellusion.

Well. Then in the US. Becuase we are a democracy, what our unkomitent government means is that we are all moronz. And becawce we live in the world, it means all human Beings are moroons.

At leste rite now.

I’d say if in the 18th senchury human beings were like 21 or something’s. Then now we are like we are 35 year olds thincking we ar so smart. Or maebee 28.

Or maybe 5.

King baby.

So frustrating.

On a tangent:

Maybe it’s time we begin to think outside if the box to develop a different kind of government. One we havnt thought of before.

I think that would show if indeed we are so smart.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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