“Why I’m an Agnostic Theist”

“Why I’m an Agnostic Theist”

— Read on notentirelypyrrhonian.wordpress.com/2019/11/12/why-im-an-agnostic-theist/

I didn’t read the whole essay yet.

But it sounds like it goes to the point that atheists in deed are believing something, I’ll be at because of certain reasons are rationales.

I suppose that’s why I say I don’t believe in anything, and that there’s no name for the situation that I am in or that I am enact or encompass by not believing.  which is to say, with certain things I have no belief about them whatsoever because any sort of statement I would make about them is moot. And this is to say totally for the sake of having something to talk about, on one hand, and a kind of vacant self assertion of the validity and power of my mind to think things into existence.

Maybe this goes to the idea of two routes upon things. For sure, people are able to think things into existence, and I mean this in the most raw sense of having beliefs about some thing, and that indeed that thing exists under whatever kinds of conditions due to the fact that someone thought it, but then also people can invest that thought, whether automatically or willfully, with existence just that way as valid and just as existent as any other thing is invested in the power of the argument that may support it. 

This is the problem of postmodern, what I tend to generalize as, phenomenalistic or philosophy based in a phenomenological maxim; this is been pointed out other places in various arguments, but basically it’s the fallacy that just because I can think it, it necessarily is true and valid for the world. I think this is the problem that we got ourselves into as a culture of philosophers to end up with the end of history of the end of philosophy and the change over to trying to think about real things instead of the nature of the phenomenon . people get so caught up in thinking in the products of their thinking and their investment into their thoughts, that we end up with a real fucked up world because now everyone has the kind of modern legal justification to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that something is not valid. And so would’ve happened in this effort is that a lot of abuse is happened on one hand, and a lot of things occurring a lot of people doing things for which they never have to take responsibility be on the fact that they claim the free individual.


Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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