My morning gripe.

So; I’m out walking my dog along this trail in the open space by my house. He’s a big dog he’s very friendly he’s very interested and everyone and everything.

A few runners talking to each other jog by; as soon as we hear them jogging up the path Eugene, my dog, has to stop and turn around and eagerly wait for them. Fine. Oh what an adorable cute dog! We get as they run by.

So we start to walk some more. Then Eugene turns around again and I noticed here comes another group of joggers, a little bit larger this time.  Eugene starts wiggling his whole body as he again eagerly waits for the people to pass by and when they do he actually tries to jump on one because he’s so excited.

Oh what a handsome puppy!

And then I look up around the bend of the trail and here comes about five or six groups of joggers sporadically spaced and I realize it’s some sort of good giant running group that decided to take this path this morning. It’s about 100 yards long, so Eugene and I have to sit here and wait for this giant group of runners to jog on by.

The arrogance that consumes me right now is whether the joggers think about stopping jogging so my dog and I can continue on our walk?



Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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