Vacant Leaders

We should by now realize that our leaders have only a simulacrum of intelligence.

The climate is changing because the manner human beings view the world is changing. Involved; inseparate; acausal.

Storms arise and destroy; the storm must be a storm, even while those who live intelligently and ethically resist and ride it out and rebuild.

Yeah it sucks; but there is, at this point, no ability to effectively mount an argument with the storm, and indeed such efforts merely fuel the power of the storm.

Storms move air, only circulate energy but on a scale that intelligence can only speculate about. And that is because the storm has no intelligence but it a Natural force which arises within certain conditions which involve the human ideal of intelligence.

But the storm is vacant of intelligence; it is only a motion of energy that has developed out of the ideal of intelligence, a motion that moves beyond intelligence, which will dissipate in time, as it attempts to organize use itself intelligently. But it is vacant of such organization of intelligence.

What you think?

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

6 thoughts on “Vacant Leaders”

  1. The predator has all the intelligence it needs to claim its prey. It’s true one of its strategies does involve a certain degree of dumb-show. Where it lacks wit is when it come to the question of what it will eat when all its prey is extinct.


    1. We see what we must see for us to truly be. And so what we must do. For sure.

      There is karate. And others. MMA maybe. That view opponents as having a similar motivation, ability, intention, etc…and so proceed in that way, through that view.

      But there is another approach which functions not upon that view. As the opponent is merely activities or centers of force. The effort with that force is to absorb and move the other, as though such a force is merely a force having no intension beyond what is evident in the motion. The artist thus uses that force.


    2. For sure. If someone move to hit me, having really very little power to know how to fight or defend myself, I moved away. I allow them to strike the air. While I try to get to them through some fashion.
      But that’s not to say that People don’t fight or that things don’t get done through people fighting; but usually the people that are doing the fighting make judgments upon the people who are not fighting or trying to go out at some other way.

      For sure I’m not gonna go tell the U.S. Army to be a bunch of pacifists. 🤘🏾😄


    3. But nevertheless, I’m not underestimating the powers that be. I’m simply saying that if I’m a human being then those people are not. Lol. If I and you and other people that I may know and appreciate our intelligent, if I can appreciate people as having intelligence as I understand intelligence in a broad sense, looking at our leaders I see no intelligence. Sure, I see volition I see activity I see people using words and things coming out of their mouth as if it it is intelligent, as if there is meaning invested, as if they think and view themselves as understanding things intelligently , but it is obvious that they are like clouds forming on the horizon, waves building up in cresting on the shore. Sure I can get all creative and artistic and talk about how the waves and the clouds have intelligence, but I also understand that I’m just making things up being creative being artistic. When a tree branch hits me in the head I don’t think to call it merely a feather and that this pain that I’m feeling in my four head merely the brush of a lovers touch.


    4. Jon; But on another note:

      My wife is more like you. She thinks that Trump, in the case of America, is very intelligent and very cunning and very witty and we need to be aware and vigilant etc.

      I’m not saying that he does not exhibit that kind of danger; when I say he’s not intelligent I am saying that that certain manifestation of intelligence is of a creature or of a category is different than what I understand as intelligent. It doesn’t mean that I think he’s stupid or doesn’t act or involve himself in my life in an antagonistic manner that could deeply affect my life.

      But also I am suggesting that we do not live in an either or a condition where I am able to find what is absolutely true and necessary condition. I’m alluding to the fact that every situation and condition can only be taken and dealt with unto itself, and that even these conditions do not fall into an either or mandate. That indeed two or three or four things may be going on at one time that appear to contradict or even negate the other but nevertheless all four or more are indeed occurring truly.


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