6 thoughts on “What is the object of the subject?”

    1. I suppose part of the answer to the subject should concerns whether I am just using language like a tool, and thus keeping the content of philosophy always at arms reach where never conveys its object or encounters that which knows. Or if language is intimately involved with the knowing of the object.

      Perhaps the answer reveals or moves toward whether I am wholly invested in Being or only partially. Whether the terms are indeed a part of the subject. Or whether the subject is merely part of language.


      1. Is it my hand that builds things? Or is it the hammer and nails? Have i actually withdrawn in the building of things and of world ? Into nothing ?

        If indeed I and the world have become founded upon nothing, is not that the same as involving everything, since nothing really did nothing except maybe to cause people to react, step back a little, from the world they have made to thus be able to make it again in a different way?

        But what if the nothing is actually nothing? What if the world I made is and was indeed nothing? I think then I might have a whole different view upon what language is. And what or how I am invoked with it.

        If I indeed am nothing. Then the subject may not merely be another word amongst a world of relative words. It might actually be something. Like the whole world: like being itself?


  1. Honestly? I can’t define it other than the definition given by the classical philosophy: consciousness, master of oneself, free will… Facing the subject is the object, submitted tithe subject
    But all this doesn’t convince.


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