What is Philosophy?

There are a number of philosophers, famous, noted, and otherwise, Who have indulged in philosophy in the attempt to philosophically tell us what philosophy is.

And those essays have their place and they’re very interesting and food for thought and all that. But I’m not really sure that they tell us what philosophy is.

But at the same time it would be kind of like asking what beer is. One could probably write volumes about what beer is and never really get to what beer actually is.

But then on the other side of it one could simply pour a person a glass of beer and say that we fermented some barley and hops and we drink it. And maybe go into a little bit about what fermentation is, and maybe a little bit about sugars. But for sure, it seems to me that it would be concise and not merely sufficient to ask what beer is and have someone write like a five page paper double space 20 font and we would probably know what beer is without any question — before we even drink it! 😄

So I think a pretty good definition, considering things in this way, might look something like this:

Philosophy is the most complicated and indirect manner that human beings could possibly imagine for finding a simple thing.


So that’s why I think asking the question of the previous post, what is the beginning of philosophy, might be more significant than the things we might find out through philosophy.

Perhaps. But maybe readers give us your ideas around these topics.

What are your thoughts?

And then I’ll post them. 👍🏾

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

4 thoughts on “What is Philosophy?”

  1. For the ancient Greeks, philosophy was an autonomous rational quest for an ethical life. So it was not that complicated like it is today in some philosophical schools.
    Philosophy is criticism and freedom of thoughts to create concepts that tells the present and can predict the future. An example of concept would be: consumerism. It tells us what it is on different scales: social, economical, political and their impact on people etc.. Consumerism as a rational crafted concept predicted decades ago our future: catastrophes, climate change, collective anxiety, financial crisis etc..
    I believe this is the definition and role of philosophy: creation of concepts that tell our present and predict our future. Philosophy doesn’t serve anything or anyone and shouldn’t be the voice of politics or any system. Somehow, it should try to dismantle the systems in order to make a better life


    1. Could philosophy have begun when you started to think philosophically ?
      Or did you think philosophically about something that existed before you started to think philosophically about it?


    2. You’re the only one that left a reply. 😁. Thank you. It’s bizarre how I get so many visitors that read various posts and hardly anyone ever comments. I am increasing followers almost one per day maybe like three a week on average, And hardly anyone ever comments.

      Anyways, I figured I would probably get the response that you gave. But I was I’m also always looking for just any response any ideas. But I figure it comes down to two beginnings: The one that looks in the history as though I am a human being that grew up as a child that gained intelligence that gained a capacity of thinking and interests, Who then started reading philosophers and attempting to engage with what they have said, and then stemming all the way back to the Greeks or various philosophers in history of various cultures.

      I was hoping that such a question would be interesting enough for my, I don’t know, 100 or so followers just from WordPress, that out it would at least get a small variety of answers. But it’s crazy how no one really wants to discuss anything.

      If I can vent to you for just a half a second: literally, I do not know one single person except maybe yourself and two or three other people through this blog Who will stick their pinky toe even into the waters of philosophical discussion. None of my few friends, including my wife, have any interest at all in discussing philosophy, and the one who does really just does so as “what if” Philosophy, and it usually turns into me kind of talking about things I know, and him kind of admitting that he doesn’t know very much about philosophy. It’s kind of annoying.

      Anyways; A coworker of mine stumbled on a little piece of philosophy writing I did at work, and was super excited that I was in the philosophy and that I had a blog and so she was into it and decided to go check my blog out. And then like the next time I see her I ask her what she thought about it, and she said that it was way too high philosophy for her to even comprehend. That was those couple posts that I was putting about critical theory and philosophy. And she told me that she had to follow one of the links to read about what critical theory could be and I basically took that as her being embarrassed because her mind does not work at that kind of critical theory kind of philosophy kind of level I guess. It wasn’t an awkward moment as much as I could just understand that she understands that she has no context by which to understand what I’m talking about on my blog.

      But of course my point is that you don’t have to have any sort of pre-understanding of what I’m talking about if you just read what I’m saying without the idea that I’m talking about something that takes years and years of study to understand. Basically start small.

      But anyways again, this seems to be the case with everyone that I come across everywhere.

      This is becoming so long I think I’m going to put this reply as a post and see if I get anyone to respond to it.



      1. People lack of argumentation as an exercise. They don’t discuss, they don’t explain, they don’t give arguments, which means they don’t think! Simply put, it is a pity.
        Keep on posting! Who cares about the world? 🤣

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