Brain exercising.

A friend of mine at school when she’s in class and she’s tired will purposely switch hands that she’s writing with, that is, to her non-dominant hand. She says that this wakes her up. To purposely work out her mind by using her other hand to write.

I have some nerve entrapment in my dominant arm elbow, And sometimes, like this morning, it’s acting up and so the thing to do is to not use that arm for a little while. Lol. When my doctor told me that this was the short term solution until I got bad enough for surgery I laughed because how ridiculous it would be for me to not use my dominant hand all day long or something.

But this morning I was just thinking while I was grinding coffee beans and making coffee that I would attempt to just put my left hand in my pocket and only use my right hand as much as I could.

Maybe try that out if you don’t have to work (because you actually have to get things done at work).

Put your dominant hand in your pocket and only use your other hand to do things during the day or whatever. And then think of all the new neurons that are connecting and pathways firing by you having to do what would take two hands to do but only using one, and at that using your hand that is not dominant.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

7 thoughts on “Brain exercising.”

  1. I was originally a left handed kid. Then my my grandfather changed me so I became right handed. I can write with both hands but of course my right hand writes faster and better. As a person who can use my both hands (I’m not sure what it is called in English) and I brag about it lol, I always do these exercises to keep up with my pride 🙂


      1. Yes. Thank u.. there are tasks I do better with my left hand until this day. I don’t know what are the consequences of “changing” someone from leftie to ambidextrous on the brain etc. As a joke my closed ones points it out as the reason for my craziness 🤣


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