The condition of knowledge. Brain-grounds?

The brain mind coupling is presently organized toward Or upon the brain. And so there’s no good sensible reason to argue against that. At other times other eras maybe it was different, and it would be ridiculous to argue against those for those periods. The idea that they were wrong and we are right, that knowledge has been progressing in a kind of linear fashion such that we now know the actual truth of the situation, points to the notion that everyone, all periods of knowledge always think itself as the culmination of the actual truth, mitigated by whatever conditions might be showing of that truth various problems going on with its formulation. And so we, with us, have to ask how can we even rely upon this truth that sees our own time of science and brain-grounds as the culmination proper of history?

And then to pivotal question: Toward what ?

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

2 thoughts on “The condition of knowledge. Brain-grounds?”

  1. Very bergsonian type of question. He argues that our problem with knowledge is that we ask a question on which we can give an answer. That means, perhaps the question is wrong in the 1st place; perhaps it is asked from a certain perspective that we can control or that we know. Your question at the end of your post is very accurate and we need to think about it from different angles!


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