The End of the Beginning of the End.

It is hazy on the horizon, but coming into focus…

The commencement to the hack is the end of the beginning of the end of philosophy as we knew it. Once undertaken the hack, we are out of time.

Just as science needed no argumentative convincing but rather was the convincing itself, so the begining of the beginning can take more than a life time to become a given truth.

We tend to look back at history and historical eras and clump vast swathes of time into bits of discourse, which then serve to grant us our intelligent postion that is the condensation of, say, 100 years of being human thought into a few sentences, a stack of essays and a shelf of books, and we think we know so much. And we so humble fill our lives to read the 500 obliged books and think that we do the periods and authors justice with our keen minds, colleagues and comrades filling libraries and data bases with so many works they could never all be read even with a Earth full of researchers– let alone understand what one book has meant.

And We Might begin to comprehend Kierkegaard without the contradictory religious and spiritual implications and see what is truly philosophical outside the conventional ideological frame. But then again, to be in despair to be oneself can be very comfortable…one can nearly make a living being in despair even!


The Object of the Subject begins to mark out the space that The First Part of the Philosophical Hack breached.

Out so soon you won’t even know you were hiding in the closet.

And then you must summon a bravery that most never will have to come upon — until you do.

There is no reason; there is no spirit. Those become anachronisms and statues to nostalgia which thereby open the door to the future.

We are called now to step forth.


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