8 thoughts on “Foucault – Truth”

  1. You got it totally. It all begins with perception from which will be the foundation of ideas and eventually the mind. Since we each have different perceptions of the same thing, here comes the importance of verification then science


    1. Yeah. I liked this dudes pull-apart. As I am a proponent of ‘descriptive’ orientation.

      My point, as I think Faicault, is that if I say (describe)the Wall is white, then the only call to action implied in the statement is found in the person who is listening. Hence intentionality and phenomenalosm and such. Much of Continental philosophy I see is a description, and the issue that comes out of late philosophy is orientation. How someone is viewing the text.


    2. …so; as I say, the issue in this orientation upon things is of verification, rather than argumentation. From a number of people who undertake the same existential experiment, the question is “do you see the same (Philosophical) object”. Once a number of people can verify that indeed the same object is being witnessed under the various conditions, then we will have begun to be able to find a Fact of the Being of human. And the beginning of a true universal science of the Being of human.

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