An Example of the Big Form Of Religious Philosophical Retreat

Five Forms of Retreat

Five Forms of Retreat
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The more of read Benjamin Stedebaker the more I think he must work on the idea that any exposure is good exposure.

Becuase (1) he does not allow comments on his posts, and (2) many of his philosophical analyses are plain based in a reflection that makes me wonder how he stays employed as a philosopher.

But I think is a political scientist. My suggestion is: stay in your lane, boy.


For real though…

So, his position must be that he doesn’t care, and that the power of his argument equates with political activity as an essential ethical maxim of human being-ness. Basically, I think it is his livelihood so arguing his argument must be based in an ability to have a good argumentative position. Quite Postmodern, id say, as I describe in a few of my posts.

Btw. Keep in mind that I am not faulting anyone for making a living in what they are good at, or the fact that we all must make a living somehow.

I mean, I like his political and historical analyses and commentaries. But sometimes I think his ability to look into politics and his obvious intelligence and ability just does not translate well when he bites a little too much philosophy off. In my opinion…

But this is not to say he shouldn’t do these kinds of analysis. I suppose i am reacting more the the fact that he can appear that his analysis carries more than it really does by his position and writing skills, and thereby perpetuate an analysis of philosophy that, though perhaps popular, is based in large mistakes of concept and not just small differences in interpretation. Or, at least, too oriented in not involving himself in seeing what is occurring in such philosophies. It is not merely the content of the argument, but indeed the very manner by which the situation is understood by which that argument may appear. There is a difference there which is am not sure he sees.

More about this in the next post, since typing it out on my iPhone is too difficult.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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