The Etiology of the Subject: What Matters.

The object of the subject can be said to be the working from the former Etiology to the latter. Thus then can show how mythology functions effectivly through ideology.

Less an eternal truth, any universal object is subject to the intrinsic mythlogy of the time, consciousness, or “thought activity” most often reckoning the subsuming of thought in mythology as the esssntial state from which all things are true or false (regardless of argumentation and therefore not mythological but essential and absolute): which is to say here that all things are usually and conventionally “of the subject”, that is, “brought under”.

Yet, human beings do not typically function to see themselves as brought under, but instead repeat the redundant cycles of the attempt to escape being brought under by its own subjectivity, ie ideology; spirituality ; religion.

Where as the only true “escape” is to see subjectivity as rather always involved in the mythological “subject matter”. And this means that even “context” is not an essential objective ground.

The meaning of the subject at all times is what matters, as well as “what matters?”

These always conflate meaning towards one or another direction; either toward essential and centralized meaning of usual political subjectivity (brought under), or toward “what matters” as that which is imperative to the subject (what matters most, what matters are there). One of these routes demands, and the other gives. One is fixed and assertive, the other flexible and welcoming. One contains and denies, the other is contained and accepts.





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