Excerpt From “The Object of the Subject: The Philosophical Hack, the Second Part”

The Modern mode is defined by transcendence. Despite the various eras of the scholarly historian, modernity is an annoyingly persistent overlying of transcendence upon existence by reason; always there is a positing of what cannot be proven onto what is apparent and what is religious in this regard is the assumption of what should be apparent by all parties. The atheist is annoyed with the theists, and vice versa. The farmer annoyed with the trader of finance, and vice versa. The regular person is annoyed with technology; the Silicon Valley tech-star cannot understand how technology is pointless. Key-shortcuts on computers are annoying and frustrating to some while wonderfully efficient to others. History was incorrect in this way, and history verifies the various points we wish to make in that way. Everywhere and at all times modernity brings in the transcendent aspect to be concerned with itself; the Wall Street wizard who relies upon her wits to make powerful business deals; the business owner who does yoga to allow him to center on what he has to do today to make and sell the best pastries; the dog walker who has to negotiate eight dogs down a busy city street and pick up after them. Transcendence brings the appearance of reality into focus by presenting us the conditions for existence, from the daily insistences and nuances of social interaction, to the great and deep physical discoveries of science, to the spiritual-magical fronts of consciousness and other planes of existence. Transcendence allows for it all to “be-there”, whether it be ‘only’ thoughts or the ‘actual’ world.

—Cedric Nathaniel, The Object of the Subject — OUT OF YOUR MIND and into you hands…SOON !!the-subject-objects-prints
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8 responses to “Excerpt From “The Object of the Subject: The Philosophical Hack, the Second Part””

  1. maylynno Avatar

    Interesting 👍


    1. landzek Avatar

      Oh. I forgot. To sent you the first part . 🤘🏾. I try to remember. Later today.


      1. maylynno Avatar

        No worries 😊


      2. landzek Avatar

        I just put the first part on academia .edu. And shared it with you. I can send you the pdf if you want. Though.


      3. maylynno Avatar

        Oh great i will check it on academia 👍


      4. maylynno Avatar

        My friend your essay is so insightful to me. I read so far until “the philosophical path”. I loved your idea of confronting Frost, Wittgenstein, the existentialists, Latour, and further on, the postmodern philosophers. I also loved how you changed Frost’s poem. I do feel like I am walking or probably hiking somewhere on a hill as I am reading your essay. Really very interesting. More to come when I am done reading it!


      5. landzek Avatar

        Well. I hope it continues to hold up ! 👽


      6. maylynno Avatar



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